Girl’s new bff (Hint, begins with S)

Summer is almost here, and beach season is coming. So make the best of it by looking hot & flawless!

I can now simply say that this is the best time to make a post about the amazing Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs®, its the one and only choice that you should consider in order to look perfect in no time!

Personally tested! I really really recommend this product if you do not want to get into a tanning spray session. Doing this at home has never been easier with this product!

When I went on my vacation to the Maldives, I had no time to go and have spray tanning session, so instead I got the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs® and applied it on my entire body (might be challenging, but you could use a helping hand). I got the “water resistance” kind and it worked really well for me. It covered all the flaws, scars and unwanted details on my body.

THE RESULTS: Exactly how it looked, gorgeous sun-kissed effect and the little shimmer that you would need to look flawless! It could stay up to two days.

HOW TO USE IT: Just make sure when you rub yourself with it you don’t miss a part, otherwise you will have ugly patches here and there. Use Vaseline or any water-resistance moisturizing cream on your inside hand, bottom of your feet and in between your hand & feet fingers.

WHERE TO FIND: You can get these in your closest Carefore or Spinneys stores. Or order online from

Even celebrities couldn’t find any better product. Ask Kim k and Xtina

Here are some before & After photos:

Kim's own before & After image


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UAE national female. Graphic Design Graduate. Bachelors in Business. Passionate about everything Art & Fashion. traveling the world, Designer. Metal, studs, diamonds & leather make my day! Salute, Shad

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  1. love this product! perfect for my blindingly pale legs 🙂

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