Macaroons & Home-made birthday favors


Last week was pretty hectic for me being busy multi-tasking and working to get things done. One of my favorite tasks though was making those cutey favors for my little monster’s very 1st birthday! I also tweeted how pleasurable it is to work on something so special for a such significant milestone in my son’s life.

So, All i need where perfect Macaroons that I have ordered from the wonderful Vanilla Sukkar, who makes the most delicious sweets & pastries ever! THANK YOU!

I also got a group of nice glass jars to put in the macaroons, a lovely unique wrapping plastic, some little stars accessory for wrap up the pack, and blue ribbons… And the cards that I have designed (See below) .

I have captured the process of doing the whole thing. I really did not expect that it will turn out this beautiful, because I actually had different ideas going on in my mind, until I had to go for what has been done. The hardest part was choosing the materials to wrap the favors, but thank God the outcome looked perfect for home-made favor packs!

jars jars jars

... here comes the macaroons

Mango & Cream Cheese filling


Vanilla ❤

Jars been contained with Vanilla Sukkar's macaroons

9 tasty pieces of macaroons in each jar

The wrapping process

& that is the card that I designed & approved for the favors


Final outcome!!! ❤

I just love those reflecting colors!

So, what do you guys think!?

* Check out more of Vanilla Sukkar’s work on her Tumblr’s account

* Vanilla Sukkar’s twitter : @VanillaSukkar


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