Copycat issue!


We pick up a style of clothing, come up with a way that makes us look so special and unique, we finally find what makes us feel comfortably ourselves, and we’re known for it.  HOWEVER! Out of the blue! BAAAAAAM! Some copycat girl comes and steals/ imitates the look/ style & brags about it as if shes done hard job of really FINDING the perfect look!

We may all suffer from this issue and it maybe is annoying at some point, but it naturally happens between friends, It creates that weird love/ hate relationship that gets confusing by time. Personally, it pisses me off sometimes but in the end I like to focus on the bright side which tells me that I could be actually the ‘fashion icon’ they look up to! — so why not?

What about you guys? Have you ever experienced this? & what do u do about it?


Oops?! What? who? Lana Del Rey has been pulling off quite a style with those nice jackets!

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About Shad

UAE national female. Graphic Design Graduate. Bachelors in Business. Passionate about everything Art & Fashion. traveling the world, Designer. Metal, studs, diamonds & leather make my day! Salute, Shad

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