Perfect Hair dye! Do and Dont’s


Now since I have expressed a bit of hate feelings towards Katy Perry’s blue hair!  [here]. I decided to collect a couple of celebrities wearing different styles of hair color, some are hip and inspiring, while some maybe a bit too much, a turn off & a NO NO!

Lets get this straight & clear, starting with the Dont’s:


Examples of tough luck with coloring…

Looking like a plastic doll maybe Lily Allen‘s thing, but not mine! & Katy Perry’s color is something I’ll never understand! I just can’t accept blue to look like this, total crime!! Its looks like shes being alienated! not chic, not hot, nothing! She should lose it ASAP!

…  P!nk & Kelly Osborne turn out into grannies?! Please no!!! I think white is not an option!

I think on Jamie King‘s looks like its a first failing trial of blue streaks! Also too much! For Juliette Lewis case, I don’t think she’s got her hair dyed for the right reasons…

And I guess that Nicola Roberts might have went too peachy? Color Matchy matchy, with hair, make-up and lipstick…  not cool!


However, the DOs — If you do it like those ladies below! Know that your doing the right thing!

January Jones brings a whole new measure of pink! I could smell cotton-candy when I look at the image! Perfect combination, Bright & Pink!

Avril Lavigne‘s multicolored locks work very well with her as a pop/rock artist! playful is how she rocks it!

We all can handle both the hair mess as long as those pastel locks come along in Ashley Olsen’s hair! This is good treat for a messy day to feel better!

Rachel McAdams looks so innocent with these nice pink chunks! Soft & feminine. While Jamie King rockes out a double electric faded color that matches her eyes! Couldn’t get any prettier!

Here’s MY FAVORITE Kate Bosworth, WOW! Of all the celebrities is a COLOR KILLER! She just doesn’t seem to be trying too hard to pull off the blue! The pastel dipped-dye  looks balanced, well controlled, faded yet rich! The turquoise shade is the new blonde! THAT I would do!

Well, Rihanna maybe looking like the Mermaid Arial, but still acceptable and unique! Ladies on FIRE! Hayley Williams’ hair on fire look so great, fierce and remarkable. I would say Edgy is the word. A crazy bold cut requires a crazy bold color, Amber Rose’s hair style itself suits the color style! totally awesome!


So which one is your favorite, I am looking forward your comments & views! xoxo



About Shad

UAE national female. Graphic Design Graduate. Bachelors in Business. Passionate about everything Art & Fashion. traveling the world, Designer. Metal, studs, diamonds & leather make my day! Salute, Shad

One comment

  1. Avril all the way!! I do like the subtlety of Olsen though!

    Woop- I have feathers in my hair!

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