Best Tracks from Adam’s Upcoming ‘Trespassing’ Album

My review about this album as listening to the older snippets that I haven’t been impressed with the music, i just thought Adam’s direction to pop songs made me less interested in what he is bringing in this album, however few songs that feel deep and vivid with emotions caught my attention! Well, generally speaking about music.. I like what could have the best melodies that could ever go in a song. Melody comes first for me then lyrics, and a good singer boosts that Up! in rare occasions lyrics can win my heart better!

Been meaning to post this before, but I only have the time now… Lemme know what you think of my track selection. (Note: Some of those artworks are personally designed. You can also take a look at other artwork designs here)





  Also another good song. Don’t miss NeverClose Out Eyes, Available in stores now and for download!


About Shad

UAE national female. Graphic Design Graduate. Bachelors in Business. Passionate about everything Art & Fashion. traveling the world, Designer. Metal, studs, diamonds & leather make my day! Salute, Shad

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