My review on the AVENGERS – & come and lets guess!


I don’t wanna exaggerate in this and tell you that its been the best movie I’ve been to so far, however, it pretty much met my expectation for such well promoted movie! I liked the mix of the characters and how realistic they are being brought. Not a typical comic kinda story and not the usual Si-fi movie, like, a stupid cliche super hero. The AVENGERS is a real deal!

I mostly loved how the characters were cooping with each others pointing out the strengths and weakness in everyone of them. You will love the way they’re using ‘technology’, smart & simple (I wished I could do technology the same way – one day… ).

I would look forward the second sequel impatiently!

Well, Marvel has still got more characters to put on the big screen! I would watch every single on of them!


As an extra to this post… I am introducing to you more Avengers, lets guess who’s gonna be in the next!

I think Batman is gonna make an appearance, and maybe the flash… ?! green lantern?

Seriously! Lets guess!



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