We have been seeing this everywhere now on celebrity, the half-shaved head hairstyle! its SERIOUSLY ON!

But I couldn’t picture it on Avril Lavigne herself to do it, this been a surprise. It looks weird & just still new to me as it is to any Avril fan, but this could also look cool by time … the real question thu! Does it suit her?

I can’t be negative nor positive in this one. I think this looks very edgy specially that she has a sharp edged face structure and her pointy features & cheek bones, besides, it does make her look like a grown up -finally- comparing to the days of “The Best Damn Thing” album era.






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UAE national female. Graphic Design Graduate. Bachelors in Business. Passionate about everything Art & Fashion. traveling the world, Designer. Metal, studs, diamonds & leather make my day! Salute, Shad

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