Avatar project is the road to immortality?


Attaining Immortality. That has been humanity’s ultimate goal through the ages. Dmitry Itskov, a Russian entrepreneur who heads a hi-tech research project called ‘Avatar’ has contacted billionaires to offer them immortality. Itskov claims he will personally oversee their immortality process, in exchange for an undisclosed fee. Itskov, a media entrepreneur, claims to have hired 30 scientists to reach this goal – and aims to transplant a human brain into a robot body within 10 years.

The first stage, which is named Avatar A, is planning to create a robotic copy
of the human body. This robotic body would then be controlled via a brain-
computer interface. Stage one is aimed to be completed by 2020. In the second
stage,’ Avatar B (Body B), it is planned to create an Avatar into which a human´s
brain can be transplanted at the end of the person´s life, and is aimed to
be completed by 2025. The third stage Avatar C, involves creating an Avatar with
an artificial brain. Once created a human consciousness or personality will be
transferred at the end of a person´s life. Stage 3 is set to start in 2030 and end in
2035. The final stage, Avatar D – a hologram-like avatar, is to start in 2040 and
be completed by 2045.



Based on my religious belief this isn’t how humanity will eventually be, its just science and its a creation of men which is meant to -at some point- end.

However, if this project was to happen? would you go for it?


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