I got this one from Sephora. I havent checked the price, so I came on to the cashier… and BOMB!!! …  “Ma’m total is AED 1,500”

But I thought I’d give it a try, since its a pretty big jar of rose scent & a thick moisturiser …

The question is.. Is it worth the price?





.. Yes!


• The price is too expensive!

• Comes only in one size…


• Its an investment for a body care product!

• Lasts for a looooooooooong period of time – until your next attempt of purchase…

• Very moist! you could almost eat it!

• Smells so good! (Ive never been a fan of Roses scents on beauty products! but this one is sick)

• Melts amazingly in your hands before application ❤ Such a beautiful Scenery! You could see how deeply in love I am …


HOWEVER I really hope they reduce the price! At least if I attempted to purchase a new one It would be guilt-free purchase!

Read more about the product here :


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UAE national female. Graphic Design Graduate. Bachelors in Business. Passionate about everything Art & Fashion. traveling the world, Designer. Metal, studs, diamonds & leather make my day! Salute, Shad

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